Monday, October 12, 2009

October must be giveaway month

Wowzers - are there a lot of Giveaways in October. I just mailed out my mini quilt to AnneLise from my giveaway. I think my next Giveaway will be at some point in the new year - or maybe when I hit 150 posts.

For the first giveaway - go to..
Opal Moon Enchantments

And look at this one:

Raggedy Anne Giveaway
It ends on Oct 12th - so just get in on it while you can!

Blue is Bleu She's giving away an AMAZING table runner - which would look perfect in my house. :)

Patch Andi Wowie! What an amazing messenger bag she's giving away. Go - follow her blog, she's awesome!

And don't forget:
RS Island Crafts

And ANOTHER great giveaway - (but I really wanna win the dollie!!)
Angie's Raggedy Patch

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Quick & Easy Elmo and Cookie Monster Cross Stitch

This was a mini project that I did for little JellyBean. She loves ELMO! So I came up with the pattern from a tiny web graphic I saw and just stitched it out. Took about 3 hours in total.

Elmo Close up

I got a cheap dollar store frame and just popped it in the frame. Here it is hanging up above JellyBean's crib. Now she wakes up and stands up to look and point at Elmo. You can hear her squealing and it's just totally adorable.

Elmo Cross Stitch

And here's the Cookie Monster one. I also used a computer web graphic to help me come up with this pattern.

Cookie Monster Cross Stitch

First Snowfall is DONE! And a WIP

I just have to add the label to it and then I can show everyone! Next time I get it in my head to hand quilt with metallic thread, just smack me. It was so tough to get the quilting right with it. After one swirl, I realized I needed to double the thread (I know Quilt Police.. I know) but I was constantly breaking the thread and the only way I could get it to work and not break was to double it up. But in the end I think the doubled up metallic silver thread really looks awesome, and it looks like swirly snowflakes quilted in..

Hehe.. you have to wait until tomorrow to see the final photos.

And now, I've got no idea what to do with it, or where to put it. Terry and I moved into our house at the end of June, so our walls are still pretty bare.. and I'd like to keep it up for all of winter I think.

And just for fun.. here's Terry and me:
Terry and Jennifer

This is the WIP I was mentioning before:
Unfinished Irish Chain

This is going to probably also be hand quilted - the blocks are 12.5 inches each. Terry wanted me to make it for our wedding - 3 years ago! Oops.. I never finished it. I'm unsure of what design to quilt in it, I was thinking in each of the larger blocks something that is representative of us.. maybe in one block an outline of the USA, and one of the UK.. maybe an airplane, I'm just not sure. The quilt is about 120x120 without an extra border, and maybe I won't add one. I'm unsure about that. What would you do?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Butterfly Garden - Is Flying

Butterfly Garden is flying to its new home in California. I got the binding on it, and I'm pretty proud of my binding and corners on this one. And the label I made into the shape of a butterfly.

I've got a few new things coming up for ya'll to see tomorrow..

But.. adios Butterfly Garden!
Butterfly Garden

Mitered Corners!

Label and Binding on Butterfly Garden

And.. one more corner of hand stitching to go, then I'm able to bind First Snowfall. Only 3 more swirls to go!
Up Close and Personal with First Snowfall

Up Close and Personal with First Snowfall

And for the back - you can see the metallic thread here better:
Up Close and Personal with First Snowfall