Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!

I'm 27 today. Yikes!!

Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday dear me..
Happy Birthday to me.

Dear me is right - I feel old sometimes.. like today when I have so much to do and not enough time to do it!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Progress is slowly being made

In my house anyway. I have 4 personal mini quilt swaps going out this week, and then my STUD (which got mailed back to me - because me like a dummy sent it to Washington STATE, not DC!!!) At least it got back to me.

I'm making some slow progress on my DQS8 mini - I've got 3 ideas in my head for it, and it's all just a big blend now. So I need to sit and figure it out.

I'm still waiting on my fall mini quilt swap, and the friendship bag. I know who my partner was for the Friendship bag, and she's such a good person, but I'm truly disappointed that I didn't get it. She's got a lot on her plate now and I really don't want to cause hassle for her. Hope I get my fall mini soon.

And a huge thank you to all the people who pointed me in the right direction for some food fabrics. I've got a bunch of different fabrics on order now (I didn't spend too much either - scrap bags are awesome things!!) and I'm pretty darned sure that my husband is going to love it. I've made 5 blocks for it so far, and it's screaming that it's for him.

And my Quilting Bees.. I'm working on them tonight. After I finish my last penguin for Aunt Pitty Pats swap. :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Still Waiting


I'm still waiting on my "Friendship Bag Swap" hosted by the Quilting Gallery. I've been in touch with Michelle and she's emailed my partner and apparently the good old USPS ate my parcel. I hope they can find it.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Dear DQS8 Partner

Dear DQS8 Partner,

I know I didn't make a mosaic, and that's because I feel technologically stupid and couldn't figure out how to save and upload the one I made to Flikr. I don't want you to panic, if you are in fact panicking.

I'd like to make your life easy - I love all colors, I really do. Pepto-Bismal pink is even growing on me, and I like it in moderation. I love Earthy tones, blues of all shades, greens, browns, purples, golds. I love nature, especially the ocean. I love birds and owls and butterflies. I'm a book lover, a travel lover - and a huge food fan too.

Please have fun with whatever you make - anything that you make I know I'll love because you took the time to think of something special for me and make it just for me.

Thank you so much already - and have fun.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

In Search of Food Fabrics

Phew.. I finally got THE best idea for my husband's 30th Birthday. He loves food, loves cooking, has tons of gadgets.. but he doesn't have a food quilt. So I'm in search of 5 or 6 inch squares that I can put together into a food quilt for him.

If anyone knows of a good site with a bunch of variety, or has some squares that they'd like to trade, just let me know! I'd love you forever and ever!


Be back tomorrow with a decent sized sewing update!

Monday, January 18, 2010

2 Quilt Blocks - Fight Breast Cancer

The Old Red Barn Co. has put out a call for 12.5" quilt blocks to go into quilts that will be raffled/sold to raise money for a cure for Breast Cancer.

Naturally, I had to make 2 blocks. What was my problem you ask? Lack of Pink!! So yea, I had to go out and get some pinks to add to my stash.

If you've read this blog for a while, you know I'm a real fan of the Earthy tones, and Pink isn't that high up on my list. Well, I got some marbles and these pinks are growing on me. It's still not my favorite color, but it's definately growing on me.

Here are my 2 blocks:
Churn Dash:
Fight Like a Girl- Beat Breast Cancer

9 Patch:
Fight Like a Girl- Beat Breast Cancer

And then I'm in a Valentine Swap with the "My Favorite Quilters" group on Flikr, and I've been partnered up with the incredibly talented JMeghlin and we've decided to exchange Table Toppers. And of course, since it's Valentines Day, I'm planning on using Pink.

Naturally, I had to make one of my all time favorite blocks - the Spinner:
Pink Marbles - Spinner Block

I may or may not use it. But I do like it - and since it's so pink - for me anyway - that, is really saying something!

I also made this block for LeighLu for the 3x6 Bee. Her requested colors were Green, Yellow and White.
3x6 Bee, Beehive 6, For LeighLu

Sunday, January 17, 2010

DQS8 Ideas

So yea. My partner isn't chatty on any of the threads on Flikr, and I've read her blog and searched her favorites and I'm torn between two ideas for her quilt. I wish she'd post a bit more so I'd really have something to go by.

Here are my ideas - which one would you prefer?

Idea #1 - Mini Paper Piecing.
I'd love to do this in her favorite colors and put some white sashing between the blocks.
DQS8 Idea #1
The pattern is from Carol Doak - I love her patterns!

Idea #2 - My own sketch - Singing Birds:
DQS8 Idea #2
Keep in mind I'm not the best artist!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Not feeling 100%

So of course I have a three day weekend this weekend, due to the fact that Monday is Dr. Martin Luther King Day, and last night I passed out around 7pm, woke up around 2, crawled into bed, slept until 9!! And then went to bed again around 12:30, woke up around 6:30 PM and now.. I feel a bit better.

Thank goodness I've got a great hubby who handled Bean for me. He heated up some of my turkey soup that I made right after Christmas, and I had 3 bowls of that, and I lost track of how many cups of tea I've had. But the fact is, I feel better. I'm still not 100%, but I do feel better.

But I'd be horrible if I didn't post pictures of my newest received quilty things, and quilty mades!

Received from Carla:
These were for my fabrics sent in the My First Quilting Swaps (And Bee!)
From Carla #1

From Carla #2

Aren't they going to work up so nicely into a quilt for Bean??

In the 6"-12" Mini Swap, I received this a few days ago from Needles-N-Notions:
Bean and Daddy

Bean loves to cover her dolly (the one on the floor in the picture) with the mini!

And stuff I made:
I paper pieced.

For Ruthie in Bee Obsessed:
For Ruthie - Bee Obsessed - February
Ruthie wanted 6-9 inch blocks, and this one came out at 5, so I'm making her a second one, but I'm really happy with it.

And Here's the center of all my blocks for Aunt Pitty Pats swap.. just need to put the borders on them, and I can mail out that swap.
My Penguinos!!:)

Yes, they are paper pieced. I think I'm getting addicted to it.

Both Together - I'm just so proud.

For QBE: For Mary:
QBE - January - For Mary

I made this with a left over block from JellyBeans quilt. Mary is planning on making preemie quilts with these blocks. Hope she likes it!

And for the Charming Robin.
Mary sent me her charm pack first, and then I send it on to Shannon. I had enough with my stash and 3 charms to make these two wonky star blocks. Mary sent along the black and white snowflake fabric. Hope she likes them!

Charming Robin #1 - For Mary Charming Robin #2 - For Mary

Sunday, January 10, 2010

QBE Block - 1

So yea, I signed up for the Quilt Block Exchange on Flikr, and I'm making 4 blocks for the month of January.

I've got 2 cut and ready to sew (that's on for tomorrow) and 1 done, and one I have no idea what to do with.

Wendy - Brights and White <- DONE! Mary - 12.5" blocks for the center of preemie quilts <- cut and ready to go Raesha - 12.5" blue and white <-cut and ready to go Jennifer - 10.5" red/aqua and white. <- my problem child block! Here's Wendy's Block: QBE - January - for wendyscreations

And, I've uploaded some of my digital designs onto Spoonflower. I'm going to upload 5 or 6 more tomorrow, then order my swatches and then put them up for sale. What do ya'll think of them? Good? Bad? Terrible? Let me know! They were all done in Paint Shop Pro/PhotoShop/Poser or Daz3D.

These are what I've uploaded so far:
Night Fae Pastel Swirl Patriotic Night Sky

School Days Dots and Stars Blue Swirl

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Eating While Mommy Quilts

And here's a quick photo of Bean eating while Mommy quilts.

Bean Eating While Mommy Quilts

And mommy is officially crazy - I joined DQS8! :) Yay!

All righty then...

And here it is, already Wednesday, and I haven't posted since Sunday. I know. Bad blogger!

But.. I do have things to show for my lack of posting.

First - Teresa received her fall mini quilt and she likes it! YAY!

Second - I made my mini for the 6-12" mini swap on Flikr, and mailed it out all in 2 days. This one wasn't my original quilt that I had in mind, but due to me being silly with the rotary cutter and cutting fabric without checking to see if a miniature block was under said fabric, we had block amputation. And then I had to make a new one because I had run out of one fabric and I want things uniform.

This is the sneak peek I posted:
Sneaky Peeky

But this is the whole quilt:
Valentine Mini Sampler - 6-12 Flikr Group

And Tina got it today! YAY! I only mailed it on Monday. It's times like these I'm proud of the USPS.

I got invited by Kimmie to join in a new Quilting Bee. This makes my 4th Bee. :) I'm so excited to have been invited - there are awesome quilters here.
Kimmie has the month of January - and her theme was Black, White and a little bit of Red. Then she posted some inspiration on her Flikr account and I had such a similar fabric to one of the photos for inspiration. And FYI the black fabric with the white swirls was the one that I had that was similar. So naturally I got to sewing and made her block.
Bee Obsessed - January - For Kimmie
I popped it into the mail yesterday.

And for another mini doll quilt swap for Carla. She doesn't like pink at all.. so I think this'll do her some good. No pink at all.

It's just the top right now, but tonight I'm planning on backing and quilting it. Then into the mail it goes on Saturday.

And.. hold on for this one..

I learned how to paper piece.
I went from this:
Paper Piecing Pattern

I did it!!

This is the signature block I sent along with my Birdie Charm pack for the Charming Robin. The next time I see it, there will be 11 names on it, and the charm pack will be almost gone, if not completely gone. :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

My First Quilting Bee - Fabrics are Ready to go!


I decided what fabrics I was sending out for the My First Quilting Bee. I'm almost done hand quilting JellyBean's Beatrix Potter quilt, and she just needs another quilt. Since we moved in late June I just got around to clearing out one of my filing cabinet drawers, and lo and behold I found the *perfect* fabric for her new quilt.

I got this fabric when I was pregnant with Bean in 2008, and it's been sitting waiting to be made into something awesome.

I've decided to ask for improv blocks, or for the participants of the bee to do whatever they feel like with the fabric. Just be inspired by it.

My First Quilting Bee Fabric Choices

And naturally I had to make 2 sample blocks. I do have 4 made, but can't find 2 of them!

Here are my sample improv blocks. They measure 12.5 inches, so they'll finish at 12.

Improv Block 1 - My First Quilting Bee for me.

Improv Block 2 - My First Quilting Bee for me.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Started on my 2010 Coffee Quilt-A-Long

Yep. I did it. I cut into the coffee fabric that I've been hoarding for quite a few years.

There's this Flikr group, 2010 Tea/Coffee Quilt - A - Long that I joined because I needed to do something with the 10+ yards of coffee themed fabric that I've had for a minimum of 4 years and just keep adding to. I'm totally addicted to coffee, so I figured that this would give me a chance to actually make a quilt for me. I've only kept 1 large quilt out of all the tons I've made for me. I've only kept 2 mini quilts for myself too - so I figure I deserve one.

These are my blocks so far:
Churn Dash


Square in a Square

Bar None - designed by Diane Harris, found in the 100 Quilt Blocks Magazine


And this one that I hate:

I'll probably put that one on the back, just because it has my favorite fabric on it.

I know I'm only supposed to get 1 block a month done, but I'd like to have 24 blocks done by June, then quilt this baby up by September.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Goodbye 2009... Hello 2010!

Wow, this seems totally surreal to write - Hello 2010!!

May all of your new year wishes and resolutions come true.

Once, a while ago, my father told me that his resolution every year was to become a better person than he was last year. So Daddy, this one's for you: it's my resolution too, I will be a better person than I was last year.

I miss you Daddy. I can't believe that in May it'll be 3 years since you've left us.

And my other (hopefully stuck to resolutions):
~ Complete 4 baby quilts for Co-Workers
~ Complete my Coffee Quilt
~ Quilt the Red and White monstrosity.. (we'll see on this one)
~ Participate in at least 6 mini swaps
~ Get to 25 states for my personal mini challenge! :)
~ Make 15 mini quilts for the AAQI and my $1000 challenge
~ open up my own little store to sell mini quilt kits and mini quilts
~ Lose 25 pounds or more.

And on Monday - 6 mini quilts are getting mailed out!! So if you've been on my list of mini swappers (personal swaps) be on the lookout!