Sunday, January 17, 2010

DQS8 Ideas

So yea. My partner isn't chatty on any of the threads on Flikr, and I've read her blog and searched her favorites and I'm torn between two ideas for her quilt. I wish she'd post a bit more so I'd really have something to go by.

Here are my ideas - which one would you prefer?

Idea #1 - Mini Paper Piecing.
I'd love to do this in her favorite colors and put some white sashing between the blocks.
DQS8 Idea #1
The pattern is from Carol Doak - I love her patterns!

Idea #2 - My own sketch - Singing Birds:
DQS8 Idea #2
Keep in mind I'm not the best artist!


  1. I think they are both great but I have to say your birds are wonderful! You are a lot better artist than me! I've seen a lot of birds on branches in minis (I'm not saying TOO MANY mind you - I LOVE birds) but I've never seen the music notes - how original and wonderful! I hope you make the bird one and I hope you are bluffing about your partner not posting on flickr cuz I've been commenting and I want to be your partner LOL!

  2. Love the bird idea. It's always nice to recive something unique for a swap

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  3. You have gotta love foundation piecing... I love it..... nice bird drawing too... so I am no help what so ever...LOL
    Cath Ü