Friday, January 22, 2010

Dear DQS8 Partner

Dear DQS8 Partner,

I know I didn't make a mosaic, and that's because I feel technologically stupid and couldn't figure out how to save and upload the one I made to Flikr. I don't want you to panic, if you are in fact panicking.

I'd like to make your life easy - I love all colors, I really do. Pepto-Bismal pink is even growing on me, and I like it in moderation. I love Earthy tones, blues of all shades, greens, browns, purples, golds. I love nature, especially the ocean. I love birds and owls and butterflies. I'm a book lover, a travel lover - and a huge food fan too.

Please have fun with whatever you make - anything that you make I know I'll love because you took the time to think of something special for me and make it just for me.

Thank you so much already - and have fun.

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