Saturday, August 29, 2009

I won!

EEEKK! I'm so excited, I won two burlap stitchery pieces from Rhonda over at Ravelly1-QuiltzBlog You can see what I won: HERE Aren't they beautiful?? This is the first time I've won anything, and I think it's an awesome win. I'm so so happy. Thank you Rhonda!

And on another happy note, I've almost finished hand quilting the gift for AnneLise, so I can post a picture of that by Sunday night, I should have it done by then. :)

And for my Stitchers Angel project, I've gotten 2 things totally made, and one more is in the works. I really hope she likes what I'm making for her. I think my big problem is knowing when to say I've made enough.

Last night Terry surprised me by coming home three hours early and he took me out on a date. We only went to a mall about an hour drive away, but it was so nice to have my mom watch JellyBean while Terry and I spent time alone. Then we even went out to dinner just the two of us - and it was superb. For my birthday in February Terry got me a $50 gift card to Borders bookstore, and I'd used some of it, but last night I got 3 different quilting magazines so now I've got a bunch more projects that have been added to my "To Do" list.

What's on your to do lists? Maybe that'll become another post, a link to all my projects on my "To Do" list. :)

Also - you just have to go HERE There is a fabulous giveaway that ends on 9 September.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back from DC!

We're back from Washington, and wow, it was a really fun day. It rained a little, and we walked a ton, but it was so much fun. Terry and I went to DC for our honeymoon, and we stayed in the Willard Intercontinental. That is one amazing hotel to stay in. Bloody expensive, but beautiful. And while we were there, we ate at Cafe Du Parc. Terry and I got back and were telling my mom all about how good the food is there, and we were hoping that we didn't inflate the food in her mind. But we ate there again, had the mussels and WOW.. were they amazing. Mom is still raving about them. I'm just so glad that we made her happy.

Mom went to the Vietnam Memorial, and found her friend David Tesh's name. He's on panel 8W, line 33 of the Wall. She ran her hand over his name and filled up with tears. I find it incredibly sad that there are so many names there, and there are still so many men who haven't come home, and are forever missing.

On a lighter note, I'm almost done with the quilting on AnneLise's gift that she won through my giveaway, and then that's going in the mail. My Scrappy Christmas Blocks got delayed a day or two, JellyBean has been super needy the last few days and I didn't get the time to trim them up to size, but as soon as I do, my envelopes are going in the post. I've got the envelopes all written out.

I've started some work on my Stitchers Angel parcel too, it's not bad, it's getting there. I have however not been able to figure out the first project for the life of me. It wasn't clicking in my head, so I might do something different - even though I love the look of that bag. I might have to try it a different way.

And the 4Seasons Holiday Quilt Swap Quilt is in the process of being quilted. I had so much inspiration on it, it'll be done and then I'll just have to remember to mail it out in October! Chalk one up for me on being early. :D

I'll be back with some pictures later.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ho Hum

Yep, that's what I'm feeling. Ho hum. Yesterday I was feeling awful about things in general. I've had to do so much stuff around the house, and I wasn't feeling appreciated at all. So I went on a bit of retail therapy. And it's funny because I've never liked retail therapy at all. I've wanted the new Sketchers Shape-Ups for a while, and I finally got them. They were so expensive ($104!!!) but I've been wearing them all day yesterday and so far today and I can really reel a difference in my calves, thighs and butt. Hey, if anything helps me to lose weight and strengthen my core, I'll try it. I really want to lose about 30 pounds, maybe more, and if these shoes can help, I'll give them a whirl. Plus, they're comfortable. :)

I've got a bunch of ideas planned out for the Stitchers Angel swap, and my Holiday Quilt Swap is in the process of being quilted, and my Scrappy Quilt Blocks are going in the mail probably on Saturday. If I can't get to the post office tomorrow, they'll have to wait until Monday. But all the blocks are done!

Terry, JellyBean and I are taking my mom to Washington DC on Saturday for my mom's birthday. The last time my mom was in Washington was probably 15-18 years ago, and she has never seen the World War II memorial, and she doesn't remember the Vietnam Memorial. So as a birthday gift to her Terry and I are taking her down to DC. My grandfather (Mom's father) fought and came home from WWII, and my other grandfather was a POW and KIA during WWII, so my father never knew his dad. My dad was born while his father was overseas and right before my dad's family found out that his father was MIA. So I think it'll be a beautiful thing for my mom to see the WWII Memorial. I know when Terry and I saw it in 2007 I just broke down crying because it was so powerful. And my father was not allowed to go to Vietnam because of the fact that his father died in action. The Navy didn't allow my father to enlist; and my father lost a lot of his friends in Nam. So when I went to the Vietnam Memorial I made an etching of my fathers friends names. Daddy died in May 2007, and I really miss him.

Monday, August 17, 2009

One Mini Quilt Top Done!

Whoo hoo! JellyBean went to bed last night at 8:30, and Terry went to bed right after because he was tired from all the driving he did on Saturday and playing in the pool with JellyBean and my mom yesterday so I got some sewing time in! I'm so excited.

I was going to send this quiltie away for the Holiday/Winter Quilt Swap, but I made another one that I think is going to be much better because it'll have some more space for me to quilt. So this is a quiltie that I'm going to keep and use as a wall hanging. But I got 2 mini quilt tops done yesterday, and the pieces for my grandmothers eyeglass case are cut out and ready to be quilted.

So here's my Quilt Top. I'm calling it First Snowfall.
I went from these:
Bits and pieces

Pieces and Pieces

And finally:
First Snowfall

To give you an idea of how tiny the blue pieces are, I cut them into 1 inch strips, so they're about a 1/2 inch finished.

First Snowfall - Close Up

And here's the only sneak peak that I'm giving for the Holiday/Winter Quilt Swap. I've taken most of your suggestions and am going to quilt this up in a day or so (maybe tonight?)
Falling Snow

And a photo of my little dollar store pail that I filled with scraps and garbage during my quilting last night:
Scrap Bin

And if you get a chance - go here: Prairies Edge Primitives for a chance to win a gorgeous pin keep.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Making Progress

It's been super warm the last two days, and I didn't write yesterday because it was my great-uncle's 80th birthday. So we got asked to bring JellyBean up to North Jersey for Uncle Pauls party. JellyBean had a great time, she was the talk of the party and she was having so much fun being passed around and getting some lovin'.

So I'm slowly making some progress on JellyBean's quilt, not much, but it's getting there. And I'm working on the smaller prizes for the winners of my giveaway, and I've got the mini quilt for Anne-Lise almost done, the top is done anyway. I need to quilt it up and then it'll be flying around the world to its new home in Norway. I really hope she likes it. Soon as I charge the battery from last night, I'll take a sneak peak picture of it.

I'll be back later on to update with some pictures! :)

And I joined a group on Flikr called Swap Till U Drop (STUD) and I've signed up for my very first mini quilt swap there. I'm super excited about it, I really can't wait. It's a wonderful group, I've been made to feel really welcome and just feel so comfortable already. I hope to be swapping with them for a long time to come.

Friday, August 14, 2009

We have a winner! and there's more...

And the giveaway winner is.............
1st Giveaway Winner


I went to and clicked "get a number" and drew #3. So I went and double checked who was post #3 in the Giveaway, and it was Anne-Lise.

Since there were only 10 people who signed up for my giveaway, I'd like to make a little thank you to everyone for participating - so if you could all email me your snail mail address, I'd get a little giftie to you all in the post soon (by the 2nd week in September - I need to make them!) My email is terryandjennifer4ever AT yahoo DOT com - so just give me a little time. :)

Thank you to everyone for participating! I really do appreciate it, and I hope you like your little gifties.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Look what I found!

Baby Hands! These are JellyBeans hand prints I put on fabric and I've made a mini wall hanging for my grandmother out of it. So ya, here's JellyBean's hand prints. These were traced when she was 6 months old - so 2 months ago. Wow, has time flown
JellyBeans Hands

I finally found a Block of the Month that's free and "Manly" because Terry has been really bugging me about making him a new quilt. *Sigh* Yet another project that I need to do. I keep promising, and then getting sidetracked by an 8 month old.
Southern Gentleman BOM

And I know that I've promised you all a block of the month too - I'm right now in the process of putting together the sample block. I'm thinking to make the block 12.5 inches unfinished, so it'll be 12 inches finished. It'll have some teddy bears on it. :D I'm excited.

And ya.. I think I might have found a new little obsession - Siggies I emailed the blog owner to find out what size they are, and what I should exactly put on them, but these look like so much fun. I think I'm going to have to try one (or a dozen). Looks neat. :)

And I've printed out all these patterns, and I hope to embroider them soon. I think they'll be a gorgeous lap quilt. Gail Pan Designs I just hope I can get the time to do them. I really love them.

And just a quick reminder - my Giveaway ends on Friday, August 14th. I'll be picking the winner at 4:00 PM, Eastern Time. I'll be using a random number generator to pick the winner.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sneak Peaks and more Progress

Whoo hoo. I realized as I was packing up my Scrappy Christmas Block Swap blocks to go to my partners, that they were 1 inch short. I thought I'd fixed them up, but I guess I didn't. So, I had to seam rip all of them and just have to add 1 more border to each block and then - off and mailing!

But here are the blocks so far:


And here is Aunt Janet's Dresden Plate in the process. The petals are sewn together and I'm appliqueing the center. No idea what color background it's going to go on, but I'm really liking it so far.
Aunt Janets In Progress

And as a possible quilt for the Holiday Quilt Swap - here's one sneaky peaky..
Sneaky Peaky

Possible Embellishments?
Snowflake Buttons

Or here's a pattern for the other idea I'm debating with:

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sewing Love.

So ya, I've got a request to make a king size quilt for Terry's best friend Andy and his fiancee Lisa. Andy and Lisa live in the UK and they'll probably be coming here to the US to visit us around Thanksgiving. Since I've been on a roll making Dresden Plates I'm thinking that I'd like to make one for Andy and Lisa. They go together pretty quickly and I like the way they look. Only hitch - Andy wants an all red quilt. But I think I'll have to add some other color.. or my eyes will go nuts.

I'm making slow progress on a few other quilty gifts in the works. I'll edit this post later with some of what I've made today. I decided that I'm going to make my grandmother a quilted eyeglass case and a quilted bookmark for Christmas. You can never have too many bookmarks! And maybe a nice little fabric basket with some ribbons. I love ribbon.

And I found a giveaway on another blog. You've got to check it out. Come on, you know you want to - I wouldnt' show off anything that's not gorgeous, now would I? Go check out this awesome wall-hanging. It's a giveaway - so go and leave a comment, and maybe you'll win it. It's made by Sipiweske Quilt Designs, and I'm really hoping that I win it. Terry and I just moved into our house less than 2 months ago, and the walls are still bare - I've got just the spot for it! *crossing my fingers that I win it*
Sipiweske Quilt Designs - go here and leave a comment for her.

And remember, there's still a few days left to get in on my giveaway - just leave a comment and you just might win.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Winter Quilt Progress

I've started on 3 different winter quilts, because I really don't know what I'm planning on doing yet. I'm considering making an applique snowflake too, but right now I'm really liking the look of this Snowflake Print Dresden Plate:
Snowflake Print Dresden Plate

And then with some leftovers of the snowflake prints, I've made some coin strips that are 4.5 inches wide, and 2 inches high. You can't tell from the photo, but there are 4 strips here, each measure about 18 inches tall. I've got a gorgeous white on white fabric that would look lovely between the strips, - so I might do that as the holiday quilt.. I'm just not sure. Oh the possibilities!
Snowflake Coin Strips

And for my Aunt Janet - I got the idea while doing the other Dresden plate. Aunt Janet recently found out that she is in remission from Ovarian Cancer, and she absolutely loves flowers. So as I was looking through my scraps of fabric I found awesome brights - and the scraps were the perfect size to make into another Dresden Plate. See?
Bright Future Dresden Plate
This is the photo of it not sewn together yet, but I've sewn the blades together, and I'll have to applique the center in, but I just love the way it's looking so far. I'm thinking that I'll make it into either a wall hanging or a table topper. And I'm thinking a white or cream center, with a nice purple border/binding.

I'm still handquilting away on JellyBeans quilt, but every now and then I just need a break. So far, it's the largest thing that I've hand-quilted.

Di - I love the idea of the pillowcases, I'll probably make some for the nieces and nephews.

And - Don't forget my Giveaway - Just leave a comment here!

Friday, August 7, 2009

No Stitching Today - and a Giveaway

Well, today was really a great day although I didn't get any stitching done. Mom, Terry, JellyBean and I all went out for a ride in mom's boat - and man, it was fun.

I got my partner for the Holiday Mini Quilt Swap - and my partner wants a winter themed quilt. So my brainstorming for that quilt is: applique a snowflake on a blue/black background.. or make a Dresden plate in 2 shades of blue snowflake patterned fabric so it looks like a snowflake and applique it on a white background. OR, do something with snowmen. I'm not sure what else screams winter to me. I've searched all over my partners blog, and I can't find any hint of a favorite color or anything.

If I were your partner, and you'd picked "Winter" themed, what would you like to see on a mini quilt? I know for certain I'll be doing 2 of the Dresden plate snowflake fabric patterns into a wall hanging, so if you leave a comment about what screams winter to you, you just might win one (or win a mini quilt with your idea). You've got until August 14th to leave a comment on this post until I pick a winner for the giveaway. I'll mail the giveaway mini quilt by the second week in September (I promise!)

Till later,

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Christmas is Coming... and I have nothing..

Typically, I start shopping and making things for Christmas as of January 1. I'm usually done shopping and crafting by mid to late July. I do this because of all the great "after Christmas" sales, and Mothers and Fathers day sales. I also figure that if I spend a little bit at a time it doesn't hurt as much at the end of the ear. And then I can buy something when I have the money for it rather than putting things on a credit card. This year, I haven't even started shopping or making things. I actually don't have anything made, and only 2 gifts purchased, one for my mom and one little giftie for JellyBean. To make things worse, JellyBean will be turning 1 on Dec 15th! I'm not so worried about that, but in my family Christmas is a huge deal. I mean, everyone spends a ton of time on decorating, and thinking about giving people gifts. I inherited the shopping and making early from my mom, who learned from my grandmother. They're both almost done with their shopping, but I'm not. I do think I have a pretty good reason though - I had JellyBean last year so I've been caring for a baby, and Terry and I moved into our new house. So ya.. but it's really no excuse.

My mom, grandma, aunt and I are similar in a lot of ways. We all love Snowmen (I LOVE them!!!), Penguins (Love) and Gingerbread men/women (feel the love!). None of us do the overly religious decorations. There's so much else that we love too, but those are the big ones for decorating for Christmas. I really want to make something for everyone in my family for Christmas, but I don't know how on Earth I'll be able to get 35+ gifts handmade. And to me, that's the whole purpose of Christmas - giving of yourself.

So here's my potential list of gifts to make:
Mom - candle mat (with snowmen?), she does needlepoint
Nana - maybe a new eyeglass case? (anyone know of a nice free pattern?) I mean, Nana is 86 years old - what do you make her? (I've already made her 2 quilts and 3 bags)
Aunt Janet - _______________________ (she loves cats, prim.. any ideas for free patterns), blue and white
Terry (the DH, he's English but moved to the USA to be with me - so I was thinking something with the Union Jack?)- he loves all things computers, video games, but I don't know what to do that I haven't already done :(
Sandi - one of my best friends - she's a stitcher, she loves cross-stitch, so I was thinking a pin-cushion or a needle keeper?
Autumn - she's my 8 year old niece, do you think a crayon keeper would be good?
Aunt Missy - I have NO idea! she loves cats, and going to yard sales.
Elizabeth - my cousin. She's a teachers aide (I'm a teacher, so I've already done all of the school stuff) and she's super eclectic, plus I already made her a quilt.
Amanda - cousin. she plays bagpipes - and I have no idea!
Ronnie - 10 year old nephew. I have no idea either.
Aunt Peggy - my godmother and a nun. She's Irish and she's already gotten all the Irish gifts I can think of from hats, quilts, totes to flip flops with shamrocks. So it can't be something that's Irish, I think she needs a change of pace. :) LOL

I think for the rest of the people on the list, I'll make a tote or purse since they haven't gotten one from me yet.

I've got the perfect idea for the Stitchers Angel Swap. In fact, I've already made one mini project for it, and I've got part of the pattern cut out for the Holiday Quilt Swap Mini Quilt. That one is my own pattern and I'm so super excited for it. Though, once I find out who my partner is for the HQS, I may change up my idea.

I'll come back later and update if I get more progress on any of my projects and any more ideas.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Halfway There!

I've made considerable progress on JellyBean's quilt. I'm a little over halfway there with quilting the blocks - I've got 17 out of 30 done! :) Yay! Go me. :) I've still got no idea whatsoever for quilting in the border, I might have to bust out my stash of stencils for that.. but then again I really like the idea of quilting quotes from the book on 3 sides. her name is definitely going to be quilted on the top border of the quilt.

So yea, I'm working on it.

Project 1 Completed - Scrappy Christmas Blocks. Will post a photo later tonight.

JellyBean's Beatrix Potter Quilt (Goal - Finish before September 1)
King Size Irish Chain (Needs to be quilted, labeled and bound)

And of course (like I really need another swap - but this looks too good to pass up!) I found this one:
Friendship Bag Swap

And I really want to join it, but I'm not sure if I pre-made a bag if my partner would like it or not. I think I'd want to tailor the bag I make to my partners likes and dislikes. But I still want to join. I'll be able to know for certain if I can join in on the swap by Friday. Would anyone even like a tote made by me? I always feel super nervous when giving gifts to people, like they're not going to live up to an expectation.. anyone else feel that way?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Scrappy Christmas Swap Blocks are Done!

Whoo hoo! As soon as I get my swap partners (there will be 6 of you because I signed up to make 12 blocks!) your blocks will be going in the mail! I finished all the blocks this morning while JellyBean went down for a nap which she hardly ever does. She slept for 30 minutes and in that time I got to finish the last of the blocks for the swap. I'm charging up the camera battery and then I'll take a picture for you all to see. I had such fun making the blocks, I made 16 of them: 12 for my partners, 2 for charity and 2 for me. :) I really can't wait to get the blocks and put them together into a lap quilt, or wall hanging or something for JellyBean! I hope whoever gets my blocks likes them. Some of the fabric I picked has a little glitter bit to it - thought it added a little pizazz.

Last night I made more progress on JellyBean's Beatrix Potter/Peter Rabbit quilt. I finished quilting 12/30 blocks, and still am unsure what to do for the borders, but I've got time for them I think. I'd love to get it done before I go back to work, because once school starts I'll be so busy. Here's the progress so far:
JellyBeans Quilt in Progress

And JellyBean is now figuring out how to stand up on her own. She'll try to take some steps when you're holding under her arms, but her little legs give out after about 15-30 seconds. I'm so exccited for her, but scared for me that she'll be walking pretty soon. She'll be 8 months old in 13 days. I really think she'll be solidly standing and starting to walk by 10 months at the latest.

And I've almost finished designing my first Block of the Month for everyone. I've not yet figured out how to get a PDF file to show up here, but I'm sure that I'll figure something out for where to put it.

Till later!