Friday, August 7, 2009

No Stitching Today - and a Giveaway

Well, today was really a great day although I didn't get any stitching done. Mom, Terry, JellyBean and I all went out for a ride in mom's boat - and man, it was fun.

I got my partner for the Holiday Mini Quilt Swap - and my partner wants a winter themed quilt. So my brainstorming for that quilt is: applique a snowflake on a blue/black background.. or make a Dresden plate in 2 shades of blue snowflake patterned fabric so it looks like a snowflake and applique it on a white background. OR, do something with snowmen. I'm not sure what else screams winter to me. I've searched all over my partners blog, and I can't find any hint of a favorite color or anything.

If I were your partner, and you'd picked "Winter" themed, what would you like to see on a mini quilt? I know for certain I'll be doing 2 of the Dresden plate snowflake fabric patterns into a wall hanging, so if you leave a comment about what screams winter to you, you just might win one (or win a mini quilt with your idea). You've got until August 14th to leave a comment on this post until I pick a winner for the giveaway. I'll mail the giveaway mini quilt by the second week in September (I promise!)

Till later,


  1. Mittens scream winter to me, also. If you could find small print(s) with mittens and use that along with a complimentary "solid" and applique in some scheme. For example, you could use the mitten print as the background and applique mittens in solids with solid mitten bands, if applicable, on it. You could even make a four patch with the mitten print and a solid or another print, maybe a snowflake print or white on white, and then applique a solid mitten on the four patch. Ditto with a nine patch. I love white on white - that usually makes me think of snow. Here is a link for a small mitten without a band at the wrist - you'll need to reduce it for a mini. I would have to do that since I have no artistic ability.
    Here's a cute fat quarter (red) with mittens on ebay,-Mittens-Print-Fabric-_W0QQitemZ140326206389QQcmdZViewItem

    I have no relationship with any of the websites I put here - I just gave them as a starting point.

    If you have cookie cutters, you might be able to use the snowman or mitten or some other winter them as the quilting pattern - particularly for the border. I got a whole box of cookie cutters for that purpose at that great big store that starts with a W.

    You could just go with a snowball quilt pattern and see if your swap partner gets the winter theme to it. The shades of blue snowflake patterned fabric would be adorable in that. Then quilt snowflakes in the border. How cute and fairly simple would that be? I'm not into applique too much.

    Hope you get some great ideas.

    Good luck!

  2. hat, scarf, gloves and boots...and hills of snow with sled marks...and kids making snow angels...and snowmen. But don't know how any of those would translate into a quilt. I haven't gotten into apliques yet.

  3. Seems to me you have got some great ideas yourself! But icicles, snowflakes, snowmen, cold crisp colours, glittering snow ....

  4. I had to do a winter quilt last yaer for a swap so I did snowmen. Snowflakes are a great idea. You could also do a traditional block but in winter colours of ice blue, grey/silver, white and pale lilac.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  5. Im not so sure about the design, but Im sure I would stick with white, creams, soft yellow and icy blue fabrics. maybe keeping it simple doing a mini postage stamp block...oohh, now imight just do that!
    thanks for the chance.
    krousegirl2 at aol dot com

  6. I always like snowmen for the feel of Winter. But even a sleigh, or the snowflake. Last year I made a "stick" tree, and added yo-yos to look like ornaments. Thanks for the giveaway. Great idea :-)

  7. Snowflakes in batiks blues/cream/whites is sophisticated. Snowmen a little more countryfied and whimsical, but both can be left up all winter. Some themes would only work for Christmas time....yup, i'd go with snowflakes...

  8. I think a winter quilt should have snowflakes. Thanks for the chance.

  9. Mittens, boots, and scarfs--along with snowflakes, and a sled--and a partly built snowman maybe--- Also I had a thought for you homemade christmas being behind--what you could make for everyone--pillow cases--like if Uncle John likes tractors-use a tractor print, Aunt Alice likes ice cream use an ice cream print and use kids prints for the kids--kids love pillow cases--ok--that's my idea and I'm sticking to it!!!
    Hugs, just, Di---Oh you can put me in for the giveaway--thanks again--see ya

  10. Snowmen are my downfall when I think Winter and quilts . . . really like the snowmen themes! Your giveaway is the same day as mine, wouldn't that be cool if we won each others! - Marlene

  11. Hi. It's me again - I was trying to send you an email and you are set as no-reply when you leave a comment and I couldn't see on your blog where you had your email. - Marlene