Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Look what I found!

Baby Hands! These are JellyBeans hand prints I put on fabric and I've made a mini wall hanging for my grandmother out of it. So ya, here's JellyBean's hand prints. These were traced when she was 6 months old - so 2 months ago. Wow, has time flown
JellyBeans Hands

I finally found a Block of the Month that's free and "Manly" because Terry has been really bugging me about making him a new quilt. *Sigh* Yet another project that I need to do. I keep promising, and then getting sidetracked by an 8 month old.
Southern Gentleman BOM

And I know that I've promised you all a block of the month too - I'm right now in the process of putting together the sample block. I'm thinking to make the block 12.5 inches unfinished, so it'll be 12 inches finished. It'll have some teddy bears on it. :D I'm excited.

And ya.. I think I might have found a new little obsession - Siggies I emailed the blog owner to find out what size they are, and what I should exactly put on them, but these look like so much fun. I think I'm going to have to try one (or a dozen). Looks neat. :)

And I've printed out all these patterns, and I hope to embroider them soon. I think they'll be a gorgeous lap quilt. Gail Pan Designs I just hope I can get the time to do them. I really love them.

And just a quick reminder - my Giveaway ends on Friday, August 14th. I'll be picking the winner at 4:00 PM, Eastern Time. I'll be using a random number generator to pick the winner.

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  1. Hi Jenn,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am one of your partner from the Scrappy Block swap and looking at the pictures you have put up of your blocks on your blog I can't wait to get some from you, they are absolutely gorgeous! I love your baby hands, such a neat idea. My younger one is 6-month today actually so an idea I might borrow in the future. I am French and have been living in the UK for 9 years now!
    I think I will follow your blog now!
    Celine in UK