Thursday, August 6, 2009

Christmas is Coming... and I have nothing..

Typically, I start shopping and making things for Christmas as of January 1. I'm usually done shopping and crafting by mid to late July. I do this because of all the great "after Christmas" sales, and Mothers and Fathers day sales. I also figure that if I spend a little bit at a time it doesn't hurt as much at the end of the ear. And then I can buy something when I have the money for it rather than putting things on a credit card. This year, I haven't even started shopping or making things. I actually don't have anything made, and only 2 gifts purchased, one for my mom and one little giftie for JellyBean. To make things worse, JellyBean will be turning 1 on Dec 15th! I'm not so worried about that, but in my family Christmas is a huge deal. I mean, everyone spends a ton of time on decorating, and thinking about giving people gifts. I inherited the shopping and making early from my mom, who learned from my grandmother. They're both almost done with their shopping, but I'm not. I do think I have a pretty good reason though - I had JellyBean last year so I've been caring for a baby, and Terry and I moved into our new house. So ya.. but it's really no excuse.

My mom, grandma, aunt and I are similar in a lot of ways. We all love Snowmen (I LOVE them!!!), Penguins (Love) and Gingerbread men/women (feel the love!). None of us do the overly religious decorations. There's so much else that we love too, but those are the big ones for decorating for Christmas. I really want to make something for everyone in my family for Christmas, but I don't know how on Earth I'll be able to get 35+ gifts handmade. And to me, that's the whole purpose of Christmas - giving of yourself.

So here's my potential list of gifts to make:
Mom - candle mat (with snowmen?), she does needlepoint
Nana - maybe a new eyeglass case? (anyone know of a nice free pattern?) I mean, Nana is 86 years old - what do you make her? (I've already made her 2 quilts and 3 bags)
Aunt Janet - _______________________ (she loves cats, prim.. any ideas for free patterns), blue and white
Terry (the DH, he's English but moved to the USA to be with me - so I was thinking something with the Union Jack?)- he loves all things computers, video games, but I don't know what to do that I haven't already done :(
Sandi - one of my best friends - she's a stitcher, she loves cross-stitch, so I was thinking a pin-cushion or a needle keeper?
Autumn - she's my 8 year old niece, do you think a crayon keeper would be good?
Aunt Missy - I have NO idea! she loves cats, and going to yard sales.
Elizabeth - my cousin. She's a teachers aide (I'm a teacher, so I've already done all of the school stuff) and she's super eclectic, plus I already made her a quilt.
Amanda - cousin. she plays bagpipes - and I have no idea!
Ronnie - 10 year old nephew. I have no idea either.
Aunt Peggy - my godmother and a nun. She's Irish and she's already gotten all the Irish gifts I can think of from hats, quilts, totes to flip flops with shamrocks. So it can't be something that's Irish, I think she needs a change of pace. :) LOL

I think for the rest of the people on the list, I'll make a tote or purse since they haven't gotten one from me yet.

I've got the perfect idea for the Stitchers Angel Swap. In fact, I've already made one mini project for it, and I've got part of the pattern cut out for the Holiday Quilt Swap Mini Quilt. That one is my own pattern and I'm so super excited for it. Though, once I find out who my partner is for the HQS, I may change up my idea.

I'll come back later and update if I get more progress on any of my projects and any more ideas.


  1. hi there, arrived via Di. Nice blog! I made a cat shaped giant pin cushion - can be any size... or really big and heavy as a door stopper. Or how about those bags you fill with grain and heat for stiff necks, cold feet... Lots of ideas coming - why don't I make some?

  2. I would love it if you can join in on my up coming swap.. just let me know when its time to sign up :)