Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back from DC!

We're back from Washington, and wow, it was a really fun day. It rained a little, and we walked a ton, but it was so much fun. Terry and I went to DC for our honeymoon, and we stayed in the Willard Intercontinental. That is one amazing hotel to stay in. Bloody expensive, but beautiful. And while we were there, we ate at Cafe Du Parc. Terry and I got back and were telling my mom all about how good the food is there, and we were hoping that we didn't inflate the food in her mind. But we ate there again, had the mussels and WOW.. were they amazing. Mom is still raving about them. I'm just so glad that we made her happy.

Mom went to the Vietnam Memorial, and found her friend David Tesh's name. He's on panel 8W, line 33 of the Wall. She ran her hand over his name and filled up with tears. I find it incredibly sad that there are so many names there, and there are still so many men who haven't come home, and are forever missing.

On a lighter note, I'm almost done with the quilting on AnneLise's gift that she won through my giveaway, and then that's going in the mail. My Scrappy Christmas Blocks got delayed a day or two, JellyBean has been super needy the last few days and I didn't get the time to trim them up to size, but as soon as I do, my envelopes are going in the post. I've got the envelopes all written out.

I've started some work on my Stitchers Angel parcel too, it's not bad, it's getting there. I have however not been able to figure out the first project for the life of me. It wasn't clicking in my head, so I might do something different - even though I love the look of that bag. I might have to try it a different way.

And the 4Seasons Holiday Quilt Swap Quilt is in the process of being quilted. I had so much inspiration on it, it'll be done and then I'll just have to remember to mail it out in October! Chalk one up for me on being early. :D

I'll be back with some pictures later.

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