Saturday, August 29, 2009

I won!

EEEKK! I'm so excited, I won two burlap stitchery pieces from Rhonda over at Ravelly1-QuiltzBlog You can see what I won: HERE Aren't they beautiful?? This is the first time I've won anything, and I think it's an awesome win. I'm so so happy. Thank you Rhonda!

And on another happy note, I've almost finished hand quilting the gift for AnneLise, so I can post a picture of that by Sunday night, I should have it done by then. :)

And for my Stitchers Angel project, I've gotten 2 things totally made, and one more is in the works. I really hope she likes what I'm making for her. I think my big problem is knowing when to say I've made enough.

Last night Terry surprised me by coming home three hours early and he took me out on a date. We only went to a mall about an hour drive away, but it was so nice to have my mom watch JellyBean while Terry and I spent time alone. Then we even went out to dinner just the two of us - and it was superb. For my birthday in February Terry got me a $50 gift card to Borders bookstore, and I'd used some of it, but last night I got 3 different quilting magazines so now I've got a bunch more projects that have been added to my "To Do" list.

What's on your to do lists? Maybe that'll become another post, a link to all my projects on my "To Do" list. :)

Also - you just have to go HERE There is a fabulous giveaway that ends on 9 September.


  1. Hi Jenn--congradulations on your win--winning is always fun--I haven't actually won anything yet on any of the giveaways I signed in for--but I have won lots of new friends--soooo!!! Well, I had you down for the Christmas in August Challenge--but now sure I see any thing here--please send me an email with the list how many items you finished and your address so I can send you a thank you gift--hugs, just, Di

  2. Hi Jenn! So happy you participated and won. Make sure to check each month for my give aways. This month I'm giving away a shadow block......check it out and take care!!!!