Saturday, January 16, 2010

Not feeling 100%

So of course I have a three day weekend this weekend, due to the fact that Monday is Dr. Martin Luther King Day, and last night I passed out around 7pm, woke up around 2, crawled into bed, slept until 9!! And then went to bed again around 12:30, woke up around 6:30 PM and now.. I feel a bit better.

Thank goodness I've got a great hubby who handled Bean for me. He heated up some of my turkey soup that I made right after Christmas, and I had 3 bowls of that, and I lost track of how many cups of tea I've had. But the fact is, I feel better. I'm still not 100%, but I do feel better.

But I'd be horrible if I didn't post pictures of my newest received quilty things, and quilty mades!

Received from Carla:
These were for my fabrics sent in the My First Quilting Swaps (And Bee!)
From Carla #1

From Carla #2

Aren't they going to work up so nicely into a quilt for Bean??

In the 6"-12" Mini Swap, I received this a few days ago from Needles-N-Notions:
Bean and Daddy

Bean loves to cover her dolly (the one on the floor in the picture) with the mini!

And stuff I made:
I paper pieced.

For Ruthie in Bee Obsessed:
For Ruthie - Bee Obsessed - February
Ruthie wanted 6-9 inch blocks, and this one came out at 5, so I'm making her a second one, but I'm really happy with it.

And Here's the center of all my blocks for Aunt Pitty Pats swap.. just need to put the borders on them, and I can mail out that swap.
My Penguinos!!:)

Yes, they are paper pieced. I think I'm getting addicted to it.

Both Together - I'm just so proud.

For QBE: For Mary:
QBE - January - For Mary

I made this with a left over block from JellyBeans quilt. Mary is planning on making preemie quilts with these blocks. Hope she likes it!

And for the Charming Robin.
Mary sent me her charm pack first, and then I send it on to Shannon. I had enough with my stash and 3 charms to make these two wonky star blocks. Mary sent along the black and white snowflake fabric. Hope she likes them!

Charming Robin #1 - For Mary Charming Robin #2 - For Mary

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  1. Love your paper piecing blocks... I really have to try that.