Monday, October 12, 2009

October must be giveaway month

Wowzers - are there a lot of Giveaways in October. I just mailed out my mini quilt to AnneLise from my giveaway. I think my next Giveaway will be at some point in the new year - or maybe when I hit 150 posts.

For the first giveaway - go to..
Opal Moon Enchantments

And look at this one:

Raggedy Anne Giveaway
It ends on Oct 12th - so just get in on it while you can!

Blue is Bleu She's giving away an AMAZING table runner - which would look perfect in my house. :)

Patch Andi Wowie! What an amazing messenger bag she's giving away. Go - follow her blog, she's awesome!

And don't forget:
RS Island Crafts

And ANOTHER great giveaway - (but I really wanna win the dollie!!)
Angie's Raggedy Patch


  1. Thanks for posting about my give-aways! Good Luck!

  2. Thanks for the heads up! Hope you and Jellybean are all doing well and staying healthy! Can't wait to ship your mini...will be sending it out the end of the month when Uncle Sam decides to let us keep some of our money for fun stuff! LOL

  3. Thanks for posting about my giveaway!
    I added you to my blog list, so I'll be stoppin in... :)
    Good Luck!

  4. Hi There-
    I have a question... I saw that you like to cross stitch (Elmo and cookie monster). I was wondering... would you like some charts and patterns FREE? I have a bunch that I no longer need or use! Eyes and hands can't do it like I used to. I have all kinds of charts and willing to ship them to you (as long as your in the US). If you're interested- gimme a holler! :O)


  5. More Give Aways? How fun!
    Thank you for entering mine!!

  6. Where did you go? It's been almost a month... are you coming back?!