Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fantastic Deals! And an Idea...

JellyBean and I went shopping today. We actually went out to get something for dinner - strawberries, mandarin oranges, lettuce, chicken and croutons. It was absolutely delicious, but I digress. So on our way, we stopped into a store that I've seen tons of times, but never actually been in. Today we went in, and wow, there were some awesome deals. The basic set up of the store is kind of like a Big Lots, but smaller - it's got brand name stuff at close-out prices. Of course, I had to walk up and down every single aisle, even if I wasn't buying anything. But then, I saw the aisle "Home Goods" I never ever expected to find crafty stuff in it - but I did. They had brand name quilting supplies for dirt cheap. I got all of this for under $15! In the kit to the left, there is a book with 17 different patterns in it, as well as containing 3 triangle templates for $6.99, the 3 templates at the top of the photo (two purple triangles and one orange diamond) were only $3.99! And the other two rectangular rulers were only $3.99 for both!

Quilting Supplies

And now as I write this, I've got my hoop next to me, and I'm about to work on some more of JellyBean's quilt.

Question for anyone who's reading this - The border of the quilt is just a solid white - should I quilt her name on each side of the border? That's what I'm planning on, but I'm not sure if it'll look "right" having her name 4 times on the quilt.. What do ya'll think? If I take your idea, I'll make a little gift for whoever's idea I do take.

Now, for my idea.. I'd really like to put together a freebie block of the month for anyone to download. I'm not sure if I should do applique patterns for a quilt or wall hanging. What would you all like to do? Is there any interest in this? Just leave me a note and let me know what you think and if you're interested in it or not.

Till tomorrow!


  1. You found some great buys! I found some quilting stuff at Tuesday Morning once, for very good prices.
    Jenn, have you thought about quilting some words from the book around three sides and just having the baby's name on one side?

  2. ohh - that's a great idea - I like it. I'll have to see what'll fit, but that's a really great idea. :) Thanks!

  3. An idea for your monthly freebie: I'd like to have a mini quilt for each month of the year...a banner, tablerunner or wallhanging size, maybe done either applique or fusible. I'm not very knowledgable about fusables and have never done them, but I so want to try it and would need a step by step to get confidence. Maybe provide two ideas for months that can be questionalbe for instance, I don't do anything with Santa, witches or Easter bunnies so have an alternate or 'spiritual' alternative.

  4. I can do that - I've got tons of ideas. I know there's a ton of people who don't do religious holidays, and others who absolutely love them, so maybe design two or three blocks per month. I was thinking maybe to a project that could be embroidered, or done in applique or fusible. I can probably create a few tutorials to go along with it. :) You're giving me tons of ideas! Keep them coming! I can make it so each block could be stand alone as a mini quilt etc, or put together into a larger quilt/wallhanging.

    What size finished blocks would you like to see?

  5. Take me shopping with you next time! anyhow, just wait until you get to sewing the border, by then You'll have more of an idea of what to write where.

  6. Haven't gone far enough into back posts to know what the book reference is... anyways another idea would be to start your childs name in one corner and than add 3 to 7 words(3 front/4 back) you would like to speak into that childs life. Happy happies. Joyce
    {little bouquet quilt -a-long}