Thursday, July 30, 2009

Photos, Freebies, Idea and a Swap

Phew - the title of the post says it all huh? First things first - I finished 1 more block on JellyBean's quilt - I'll take pictures of that later. I need to charge the camera battery. It's coming together nicely, if I do say so myself.

I also made a block. I used up some scraps to make it, and now that the one block is made, I've no idea what to do with it.
orphan block

Freebies: While surfing the web I found this site: <- all these goodies will only be available until August 15 - grab them while you can! It's got great ideas for all you crafty people. I'm sure some of you know about the site already, but I figured I'd share anyway.

Idea: Fall Quilt Contest <- I'm entering this one, I've never done a contest before (I've always been afraid of it!) I'll let you all know when I've completed my quilt. I've got a good idea for what I'm going to do for this, and I'll share some sneak-peaks as I make it. My goal is to start it this weekend - and since it can be a wall-hanging, I've got the time to do it. And if I can transfer my idea onto paper and then onto fabric, it just might look good.

My second Idea is coming together for the Block of the Month that I'll be offering here for free. I'm working on a sketch that can be used for Applique or Embroidery for a quilt block, or a mini quilt. I'm going to start the Block of the Month in September, I think that'll be the easiest thing for me to do, and put it up at the 1st of each month. I'm planning on having each of the unfinished blocks be 12.5 inches, so finished they'll be 12". And here's a hint - it'll have a teddy bear in it.

And the Swap: I've signed up for ModernJax's Scrappy Christmas Block Swap (see link to the right). It's closed for sign ups now, but I figured out some of the fabrics I'm going to use for my blocks. This will be my first swap in a long time - so I really hope what I make is up to par with those of you who do swapping regularly. But of course, I just *had* to buy more Christmas fabric, because you can never have enough.. or enough fabric in general. I don't need more fabric, but that's ok.. it's for all those "future" projects. Since I participated in the FabShopHop I found some amazing stores that had Christmas fabric for pretty cheap - so naturally I had to get some. But here is a sampling of the fabrics I'll be using for the Scrappy Christmas Block Swap:

Close up of what will be the center of the blocks:
This one is a little glittery. I love this fabric, and I've been saving it for the right project:
Beary Glittery

And I love this fabric too -it's SnowPeople!
SnowPeople Blocks

All the Fabrics I've got so far:
Santa Faces

To use for Scrappy Quilt Block Swap

To use for Scrappy Quilt Block Swap

To use for Scrappy Quilt Block Swap

To use for Scrappy Quilt Block Swap

To use for Scrappy Quilt Block Swap

A Few Close Ups of Bordering Fabrics:
Isn't Christmas Fun





And just for fun - my stash:
My stash
I do have more in a Rubbermaid tote, but this is the majority of the fabric I have.


  1. i loove your bordering fabrics! very cute. I am excited about the block swap too.

    good luck with the quilt contest. Ive been thinking about making a quilt too. I love piecenquilt!

    (im excited to see your blocks!)

  2. What a pretty site and such a cute name for a site and a little girl!!! I have you down now for the August Challenge and boy by the looks of your Chmas fabrics you are all ready!!! I went today and got a big pile of fabrics for some patterns I plan to do--so I am ready to start tomorrow!!!! I will be back to visit you soon--take care--hugs, just, Di

  3. This is Natalia from piecenquilt! I just read that you're going to enter the fabulous fall quilt contest! You should we've had a lot of fun in the past with our contests:) Also we participated it the scrappy holiday block exchange too! FUN small qulting world!