Monday, September 28, 2009

Practicing Machine Quilting (And Hand!)

By blog hopping by chance, I found this awesome site that helps show you how to do free motion quilting. And she's got some You Tube videos too: Free Motion Quilting

I've got an older machine, my trusty White, and it's been giving me some hiccups. I'm trying with it, but sometimes it's just sticking - and I've oiled it. So I'm going to practice with some of these new techniques that I've learned and hope my machine stitching gets better. But no matter what, I still love hand-quilting little projects. They're just so much fun and relaxing.

Speaking of hand quilting - I'm making more progress on "First Snowfall" It's almost totally done now, just a few (10 or so) more curly-q's.

Progress Photos:
The front of First Snowfall:
First Snowfall - Snowflake Hand Quilting

If you look close you can see the disappearing ink pen for my guide.

And here's the back:
First Snowfall - Snowflake Hand Quilting On Back

I used the same white on white fabric on the back as I did on the front for the triangles and the borders. I'm really loving this quilt - but I'm not sure what I want to do with it when it's done. This was originally going to go to the Holiday Quilt Swap - but it's too small by 2 inches for the minimum size so that's out!

I'm working on the final one that will be going to my Holiday Quilt Swap Partner - that one is Penguins! And I'll have a photo of the 3/4 finished top soon - probably in a day or so.

And this is the floor after JellyBean reaches into one of her toy boxes.. Not that I mind in the least bit.
Messy Floor


  1. yes, that reminds me of snowfall for sure!

  2. It's looking great! Your hand quilting design adds just the right touch to the quilt.

  3. Don't worry about the mess on the floor. They get worse as they get older.

    I love the look of the quilt you are hand quilting. Good luck withthe machine quilting. Just remember to relax and take regular breaks.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx