Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sleepy Baby.. now with 3 teeth!

Little JellyBean is getting her 3rd tooth, and she's super tired because of it. But, problem is, little Bean only wants to cuddle her mommy. And that means Mommy can't get the last of her sewing done. Mommy needs to send out 3 swaps, so they'll be done tomorrow night, no matter what - Daddy is taking over the cuddling business instead of playing on his XBox. Mommy wants to have a little fun too!

Then I just need to put the final touches on a few other quilts, and I've got 2 of my personal swaps done! Yay! Go me!

Then, of course, I've signed up for the STUD mini - 2 of them actually: Woodland and Anything Goes (Halloween). And in my 6"-12" group we're signing up for Hawaiian style quilts or Hawaiian Themed. Since I've never made a Hawaiian quilt before, I figure a tiny mini would be an excellent way to try it out. And I've got a TON of hibiscus fabric which will be perfect for a Hawaiian themed quilt. I know just what I'm going to do for that one - and I've started getting out the fabric for it.

Till tomorrow when I get to show off the final versions of a few minis!

1 comment:

  1. Jenn, hard for the little ones. Not much to do but Tylenol, Children's Motrin, icey things and Mommy. Kiss her on the head for me!
    Glad she will take Daddy for cuddles. It can be so hard for moms to when kids are extra-lovey!
    Can't wait to see your minis! These last two were fun and not so overwhelming or gotten tired of at a certain point like a larger quilt.
    You'll have to let us see your progress on the Hawaiian quilt. I'd like to do one, but am a little intimidated. The hexes and some other appliqueing have helped me think I could do one...someday.
    Thanks for the prayers for Isaac. We will be getting updates the rest of the week.
    Have a great day!