Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wanna Swap?

I posted this on my Flikr profile, and I thought maybe I'd get some more exposure if I post here too.

One of my goals is to swap a mini quilt (15x15 - 20x20 inch or under) with someone from every state in the USA and as many countries as possible - so if you're interested in swapping with me, please just leave a comment here or email me: cashew22206 AT yahoo DOT com. I'm in NJ, USA and obviously willing to ship internationally. And, if your state or country is already mentioned, just message me anyway - I'd love to swap with whoever wants to swap with me. And if you're a newbie to quilting, I still wanna swap!

Totals So Far:
States = 1/50 (California!)
Countries = 0

And here's a general thing of what I like and don't like.
As for colors I like, I like it all. I'm not overly fond of pepto-bismal pink and vomit green, but other than that I'll love it (Oh, I'm not really a fan of Amy Butler fabrics, but they are growing on me). I'm a big fan of trying my own things, and putting my own twists on traditional blocks. Every time I go to work with triangles, my points are off by a bit, no matter how many times I measure, or re-measure and press. I can't seem to get them right. I'm trying though. I'm not a fan of clowns at all. When I was little I was dropped by one, and ever since then I've been freaked out with them. I hyperventilate when I'm in the same room as one and have to leave.


  1. Hi,
    I would love to swap with you. I'm a newbie to quilting but I participate on the scrappy christmas block swap. I'm from if you are interested let me know.

  2. I may be interested... what's the deadline? email me at and we can chat about it... I'm in Newfoundland, Canada. My grandparents were married in NJ!

  3. How big is a mini quilt. I live in MO and could get you that state. I would love to do something like this. or
    I have been enjoying reading your blog through

  4. I'll go for that. I'm in Wales in the UK. What sort of time period are you thinking of. I've got a few swaps to finish up but I can get one out to you by Christmas

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  5. Hi I'm up for a swap, I live in Singapore but I'm from the UK. I'm a fairly new quilter tho! What's the timescale?

  6. Willing to swap from Indiana...if you give me more details...we can give it a go!

  7. whoo hoo! I've got some people to swap with! :) I'm starting to get some states and countries done :) YAY! Keep me busy! Love it - thank you to everyone so far!

  8. I will swap with you. I am from Texas and could have one finished for January(maybe sooner, but I hate to be late)

  9. I would love to swap with you also. I'm down in Florida.

  10. I'll be your first Aussie if you like! How about Feb/March as it looks like you have a few on the go now!