Saturday, December 5, 2009

And more

Thanksgiving has been here and passed.. and I'm still no where near more ready for Christmas. Mom and I went out shopping on Black Friday, and did most of the shopping then (I was in Kohl's three times!!!) and got most of my gifts. Now they're all hidden all over the house (so Bean doesn't find them, or the hubby) and I have to get them wrapped. Now all I need is more time! :)

Here's more of what I've been working on (instead of wrapping!!)

For Dee, only a little sneak peak: Yours is in the mail on Monday. I finished part 2! :)
Sneak Peak for Dee

This was the mini quilt that I sent to Maya for the Four Seasons Holiday Quilt Swap. She did receive it (so now I can post it!), but was away for Thanksgiving so it took her a little bit to respond.
Four Seasons Quilt Swap to Maya

This is the beautiful Mini I received in the swap from the extremely talented Sara:
Four Seasons Quilt Swap from Sara

Four Seasons Quilt Swap from Sara
Would you believe she said this was her first time doing embroidery?? It's too perfect, and already hanging up on our walls.

This was one I was late on, it was for STUD October to Kathy: (She did receive it in November, I just got around to uploading it.
STUD to Kathy
STUD to Kathy

I conquered Triangles!!
I'm still nervous about making them, but I'm no longer scared.
I Conquered Triangles

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  1. The redwork quilt is beautiful! I like your dresdan plate mini too :)

    I have most of my shopping done. Still need to wrap it all too. I have mine shoved in my closet so that when you open the door you never know if something will fall on you lol