Saturday, December 19, 2009

I haven't abandoned anyone!

I've been so busy creating for Christmas, and having JellyBeans 1st birthday - I've been busy!

Here is the birthday girl eating her Elmo cupcake:
JellyBean eating her Elmo cupcake

She got a little tired near the end, and just shoved her face right onto the cupcake.

This was the original cake I tried to make. It was from a Build-A-Bear mold, but the frosting was too heavy and it collapsed on itself. We did eat it anyway - and it was good!

A Christmas Gift for my grandmother:
Nana's eyeglass holder and 2 pen holder
Made for my grandmother for Christmas (Sorry the picture is a bit blurry) it's an eyeglass case at the top part, and a pen holder at the bottom. There are spaces for 2 pens/pencils. Nana keeps misplacing her pens and she almost always needs her glasses to write, so I figured why not get both in one!

A cute little fabric postcard for a swap on Flikr:
OldRedBarn Quilt Along on Flikr
Here is my fabric postcard for the ORB postcard swap! :) I'm not sharing who it's going to. Because of the snow it's in the mail on Monday (hopefully!!) It's actually in an envelope to protect it from the snow, and it's waiting in our mailbox to be picked up!

And my re-send to Karol-Ann for the stitchers angel swap:
The only thing you can really see clearly (I want her to have a surprise or two!!) is the rose fabric bowl.

And just so anyone knows - my mother in law mailed us a painting on 19 October 2009 from England. We just got it on 18 December!! So maybe the first parcel is still winging its way to Karol-Ann.

My gorgeous STUD mini quilt from chocolate_is_the_best_medicine on Flikr:
STUD November
Look at this hand embroidery:Hand Embroidery


  1. Happy Birthday JellyBean!! Adorable photo.

    What a pretty postcard. Love the lace addition. The snowman mini is sweet too.

  2. Gorgeous

    Love and hugs Gina xxx