Sunday, December 27, 2009

I promised Pictures!

And here they are!

My new baby:
My New Baby

And what I've made on it:
Well, I finally quilted the fall mini quilt swap. This'll be mailed with 4 other swaps this coming week, either tomorrow or Tuesday, depending on when I can get out of the house for a bit after Christmas clean-up.

Finally Quilted the Fall Mini Quilt Swap

Close up of the quilting:
Close up of the quilting
Finally quilted. I chose to use the new machine and do a leaf motif in the white parts of the quilt, and then do swirly lines on the diagonal through the yellowy/orange squares.

I am totally thrilled with how this one came out. I only hope my partner is as thrilled as I am.

I have just enough of the gold/yellow to make myself one.. this one hurts to part with.. it really does.

This one I did hand applique for the leaf and some new decorative stitching around it. It's for Raesha on Flikr, but I'm still waiting on her address to send it to her.
For Raesha

And the back:
Back of Fall
This is the back of the mini for Raesha. I just loved the center fabric and it was gold and brown and just "fall-like" to me.

And I kept playing more with the new machine. I signed up for the January STUD quilt swap with the theme of Rainbows:
Can you guess what I'm going to do with these???!!!

I actually made my mini's top.. can you guess what I did with these fabrics?? :D

More pictures of Christmas coming soon - gotta get the photos off of my mom's camera and then I'll pick some good ones to post here!


  1. Nice new baby :)

    Love your fall mini. I like your pinwheels :) them!

  2. The pinwheels are too cute!

    Congratulations again and she's a beaut!

  3. i like your pinwheel quilt was there a pattern? if so could you / would you let me know? i would like to try my hand at it.
    congrats on your new baby!! It's always nice to get a new machine!.
    happy sewing

  4. Like what you have done with your new baby

    LOe and hugs Gina xxx

  5. Congrats on the new machine! Love the fall mini quilt - pretty colors.

  6. Hi! Love the fall mini quilt ...what is that pinwheel block called? I was thinking i might do that one for Kathleen's swap.

  7. As the recipient of the Fall Mini-Quilt, I can tell you that I am THRILLED with the results. It is a delightful quilt that will be hanging on my hallway wall shortly. THANK YOU!!!